What is Law ?


Law, according to me is like a set of rules and regulations set by the state to impose on the society for their welfare. Law prescribes certain standards of conduct which are observed by the people in the society. The standards are set in such a way that they are accepted by the whole society and any person who deviates from the standards of conduct fixed by the society is punished. Law could also be defined as practice of customs and traditions.  Law is really a broad area and there are many definitions of law given by some learned scholars. Some important definitions are:-

1. JOHN AUSTIN’S Definition of Law

“A rule laid down for the guidance of an intelligent being by an intelligent being having power over him.”

“A body of rules fixed and enforced by a sovereign political authority.”

2. PROF. HART’S Definition of Law

Prof. Hart defined law as “a system of rules or a union of primary or secondary rules.”

Hence, law can be defined as the aggregate of rules set by men as politically superior or sovereign, to men as politically subject. 

These rules are generally found in constitutions, legislation, judicial opinions to govern the people of the society.


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