Time to make India a ‘NO RESERVATION’ country.





Whenever i hear the word ‘reservation’ the first thing which comes to my mind is reservation of seats in buses, trains, planes etc. But there is also this other category which is related to reservation in education system, in jobs through quotas. Reservation in India contains a measure to reserve the seats to government jobs, in education institutions and in various legislatures for backward classes such as Scheduled Caste and scheduled Tribes i.e. SCs and STs. by our government.

It is just a gameplan by the government to save there vote banks. Politicians will never allow to remove this system from our country as they will never understand what it is to get higher education in India because their own children go to the US, UK, Australia, Europe and other foreign countries for education. The government is doing all this because it doesn’t want its vote bank to go to other parties as approx. 66 percent is the literacy rate among scheduled castes. Giving them a bait like reservation is an easy way to get those votes.

How can anyone forget what democracy stands for? Is it about dividing people along caste or religion or state or color or quota? There will be time when every religion will have its own quota system. How will that be countered? Dr Ambedkar said reservation should be discontinued after 15 years but politicians are continuing with this to further their vote bank.

Until 1990 there was only 22 percent reservations out of which 20 percent was for SCs and 2 percent for STs for admissions and jobs in most of India but later in that year came the announcement by the then Prime Minister V.P. Singh who accepted the report of Mandal Commission recommending to grant 27 percent reservation to OBCs, which made the total reservation upto 49.5 percent.

The reservation for OBCs was challenged before the Supreme Court in the case of Indra Sawhney V. Union of India but it was upheld in 1992. Before independence in 1947 there was system of zamindari in which the upper castes were the owners and the OBCs i.e. Yadavas and Kurmis were their tenant. At that point of time almost all the Yadavas and Kurmis were poor and uneducated but after the Independence, the zamindari system was abolished due to which Yadavas and Kurmis became the land owners and which helped them to educate their children and now Yadavas and Kurmis are engineers, doctors, lawyers i.e. they have become educated and rich hence they cannot be called backward. So, when Yadavas and kurmis were really backward that is before Independence they were not given reservation and now when they are not backward they are being given reservation. Ofcourse there are many OBCs who are poor and illiterate too, but for that matter there are many brahmins and Rajput who are also poor and uneducated. I have read somewhere that Jawaharlal Nehru ji said that there should be no reservation in our country as every person is unique and our Constitution also does not provide any provision or any article which says India should have reservation. It’s only the mindset of  the people of our country which should be changed as soon as possible.



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