Civil Society of India Fights Back

The terms of relation between the government and people have become different as it was since last five years. The government everytime defends itself from the criticisms faced by it through its citizens however this has not been the scenario in the case of Citizenship Amendment Act. Today the people of our country mainly comprising student from universities and colleges have started to agitate towards the new act introduced by the BJP government in order to support and strive to protect the Constitutional Supremacy and the secular character of the Indian Constitution. The fact which can be laid before the society is that it will not tolerate any policy that violates the democratic and secular ethos of the nation, thus the clear message from the side of student is crystal clear that the rulers are not allowed to tamper with the Constitutional principles that were enshrined by our forefathers during their strive for freedom.

There have been several examples of the civil society acquiring a ruffled avatar in order to remove monarchies, dictatorships and tyrannies. After 1989 and the Velvet revolution in Eastern Europe, mobilisation of civil societies against undemocratic government can’t be left untouched. In 2006 in Nepal, a massive anti-monarchy movement developed into a pro-democracy movement and brought an end to rulers who had claimed the divine right to rule. The most spectacular assertions of civil society occurred in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and many other places which cannot be counted.

Thus the mobilisation of civil societies have always had an impact upon the government and its a positive side and enough to see the increase of people agitating against the law negative to the Constitutional norms. Mahatma Gandhi had taught that if citizens wish to oppose a law that they regard to be unreasonable, unjust and against the interest of the Constitutional principles, then the peaceful and non-violent way to resist such law can be done through civil disobedience. Thus lastly i would only say, by standing together in this civil disobedience, citizens of every faith and religion uphold the character of fraternity, one of the core elements enshrined under the preamble of our Constitution, leading to a sentiment of brotherhood with each other and to stand at the time of injustice with the emotion that derive that injustice to my countrymen and women is injustice to me.

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